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Jonas Hedegaard Knudsen

IT Chief consultant at Nyt Odense University Hospital (OUH)

Jonas Hedegaard Knudsen started as a technical manager on a large project of buying and implementing an Electronic Health Care Journal on all hospitals in the former county of Fyn. The system is called COSMIC and has currently 40.000 users worldwide. In Odense University Hospital (OUH) there are 10.000 registered users and currently about 2000 simultaneously in peak hours. Here Jonas Hedegaard Knudsen managed over 20 integration and development projects before moving on to a management position at OUH and later as CIO at the psychiatric hospital in the Region of Southern Denmark.

Jonas is currently employed at the project organization of Nyt OUH as IT chief consultant. Project Nyt OUH is the planning and construction of a new university hospital next to the University of Southern Denmark. With a budget of about 6.3 billion DKK (850 mill euros) and a timeframe of 10-12 years, it is the largest hospital construction project in Denmark.