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Jacob Hofdijk

Partner in Casemix

Jacob Hofdijk was trained at the Rijks Universiteit Groningen (1974) as Doctoral Business Economics with a main focus on Systems Approach and informatics. In May 1974 he started his career in Health Care at the University Hospital Leiden with the development of the BAZIS Integrated Hospital Information System. In 1979 he became project manager of the first DRG project in the Netherlands. This was the start of his involvement in the paradigm shift of health care management. In 2005 he left HISCOM to be more active in the world of Casemix in the Netherlands, as partner in Casemix, Special Adviser to the Dutch Casemix office and as consultant to the Ministry of Health

Since 2003 he is involved in the development of integrated disease management programs for the most common chronic conditions, like Diabetes, COPD, Vascular. The focus is to create a patient oriented approach involving self management and a multidisciplinary coordination model. This is the base for outcome oriented population funding. International Organisations: Emeritus Secretary General of Patient Classification Systems International.

IMIA Vice President EFMI 2010-2012