Felip Miralles

Head of eHealth R&D at Barcelona Digital

Felip Miralles is head of eHealth R&D at Barcelona Digital, is a Computer Science Engineer and holds a M.Sc. in Information Systems. He has led ICT projects both in the public sector and the private enterprise, having been entrepreneur and academic lecturer / researcher as well. He has been in charge of conception, planning, coordination and research in many national and European R&D projects and was co-/author of several technical and scientific publications.

He currently coordinates the FP7 projects BrainAble, BackHome, Synergy-COPD and the AAL project SAAPHO, and his research interests span knowledge modeling and representation, multimodal interfaces, ambient intelligence, decision support, sensor networks, and secure interoperable distributed architectures applied to innovative solutions for an intelligent, predictive and personalized healthcare and assistance.