Supporting Healthier and Independent Living for Chronic Patients and Elderly (NEXES)

Project co-ordinator:
Josep Roca, Hospital Clínic of Barcelona (Spain)
Contact person:
Mirjam Hillenius
Tel: +34 93 2275747
Email: mhillen(ELIMINAR)
49 months (05/2008-06/2012)
Total cost:
€ 4.289.118,00
EC funding:
€ 2.144.559
Project Identifier:

The NEXES project (EU Grant 225025; CIP-PSP program, 2008- 2012) was build-up around four types of innovative integrated care services (ICS) that, based on well standardized patient-centred interventions, develop the practicalities of the Initiative for Chronic Care Conditions endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO)1.

The main objective of the project was to identify strategies for extensive deployment and adoption of ICS supported by Information and Communication Technologies (ICS-ICT). The core hypothesis was that implementation of ICS-ICT for chronic patients generates efficiencies at system level ensuring sustainability of the services and these results foster reshaping of European Health Care Systems to face the challenge of chronic conditions.

The four ICS considered in NEXES cover a wide spectrum of care coordination with a strong focus on prevention and disease modulation. NEXES identified the need for bridging with social support acknowledging that fragmentation between healthcare and community services represents a major problem leading to exclusion.

NEXES studies were conducted in three different sites: Barcelona (Spain), Athens (Greece) and Trondheim (Norway). Although the specificities of each site represented a challenge during the take-up of the project, the design has provided the opportunity to generate outcomes with validity at European level.

1 Epping-Jordan JE, Galea G, Tukuitonga C, Beaglehole R. Preventing chronic diseases: taking stepwise action. Lancet 2005;366:1667-71